Translanguaging Aotearoa is the resource branch of the Wellington Translanguaging Project at Victoria University of Wellington.

For over three years thus far, the Wellington Translanguaging Project research team (Corinne, Vini, and nine research assistants) has been working with communities to collect observational data in schools, analyse it, and create resources in consultation with communities to help support children's multilingual and multicultural development. Through Translanguaging Aotearoa, we hope to reach out to communities who could benefit from the resources, so that we can bring the practical applications of our research to you.



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The primary resources that we create and make available through Translanguaging Aotearoa are books. These illustrated children's books are based in decades of research on multilingualism and are created in consultation with communities. To read more about the background of these books and how to use them, please click the "How to use them" button below.

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In addition to books that we make, we also make interactive posters. The posters are based on the same research principles as the books and are also created to meet the needs of individual communities. The posters build language skills and content skills simultaneously, while being based in cultural values and beliefs. The posters can cover topics in science, maths, literature, and other topics as requested. There is an interactive element, in which the children can work with teachers and with each other to fill in gaps in the text with velcro words and phrases, further encouraging them to actively contribute to their knowledge building.

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If you have an idea for a resource that would help you with fostering children's multilingualism, please get in touch. We will set up a dialogue with you to see we might be able to create something that would work.

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"Tōku reo, tōku ohooho,

tōku reo, tōku māpihi maurea,

Tōku reo, tōku whakakai marihi"

(My language, my valued possession, my language, my object of affection, my language, my precious adornment)

Timoti Karetu



Leading Translanguaging Aotearoa


Developer, Primary Lead, and Senior Lecturer of Applied Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington


Associate Lead and Lecturer of Māori Studies at Victoria University of Wellington

Gary Ward

Knowledge Transfer Manager at Viclink, Victoria University of Wellington




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